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Starting college for free? Valley education leaders make it happen

Starting in 2018, students in five central San Joaquin Valley school districts – including Fresno Unified – will be able to get their first semester of community college for free and will later be guaranteed a spot at Fresno State, if they meet admission requirements.

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Valley educators promote college to students with promise of free semester

It is a promise to Central Valley students from local educators excel in school and we will help you get to college.

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Fresno State Kicks Off "Central Valley Promise"

The University announced a new campaign, in partnership with community colleges and school districts across the valley, to get students thinking about college.

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District Gets $1.5 Million for Central Valley Promise

The Central Valley Promise program received a $1.5 million grant to jumpstart its pledge of making the first semester of college free to incoming high school students, Lucy Ruiz, spokeswoman for the State Center Community College District, announced on Feb. 15.

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Education Matters: Keeping the 'Central Valley Promise'

The “Central Valley Promise” is a promise made by the community that guarantees a path to college for valley students – if they do their part. Students and their parents must pledge to start preparing for college in middle school. Preparing students for higher education is an important issue, because the number of valley students going to college is only 18% and the latest numbers from 2009 show that only 1% are enrolled in community college.

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