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Central Valley Promise Provides Students With:

  • Information, services and resources to prepare for college and careers
  • College and career counseling/advising through middle and high school and while in college and/or university
  • Admission to community college with free tuition for their first semester
  • Priority registration to stay on track toward graduation


Central Valley Promise Students Must:

  • Complete Central Valley Promise activities for grades 6-12 at the required level
  • Submit a community college Fall application in their senior year of high school
  • Fill out a Free Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) application by March of their senior year of high school
  • Have either a-g requirements completed or successful progress in a CTE pathway
  • Register for community college classes the fall following high school graduation with a minimum of 15 units (aligned with Center for Creativity and the Arts and Central Valley Higher Education Consortium 15 to Finish Campaign)
  • Have a minimum high school Grade Point Average of 2.7
  • Fully matriculate: Student Educational Plan, complete the community college orientation
  • Do community service such as mentoring other students in the first semester in community college
  • Work toward an Associate Degree for Transfer degree or a certificate as articulated in Student Educational Plan